Support to Business Leaders


Consultancy around leadership development whether that is you, your leadership team or board development. Looking at strategic challenges and developing plans to improve business performance and success.

Building an agreed vision, set of values and strategy and working in partnership on delivering on objectives.

Coaching and mentoring


Challenging yet caring and supportive coaching and mentoring which focuses on business impact and lasting change.

1 to 1 sessions in person or via Zoom etc. Flexible arrangements as some clients want a set number of sessions and others ongoing and less frequent

Other Services


IOD North Yorkshire Ambassador - engaging with the growing membership, guiding, inspiring and supporting their life in business.

Training and facilitating

TMSDI - Accredited to use the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile, Linking Skills Profile, Team Performance Profile, Opportunity Orientation Profile, Window on Work Values and Leadership Behaviours 360.

Promoting and working with ...


Current projects include:


Setting strategy and long term goals

Working with an owner manager to develop a long term plan. Reviewing business performance and setting up forecasting, marketing plan and social media strategy.

Coaching and mentoring

1:1 coaching and mentoring project with senior leadership.

Margerison-MCann Team Management Profiling tool

Working with leaders on team development and consultancy using the TMSDI Team Management Profile.

Creating growth

Working with a software company on partnerships and aquisition.

Manufacturing ERP system

Exploring the possibility of software to help SME manufacturers run their operation - get in touch if you would be willing to discuss your requirement and pricing level so we can determine if there is a potential market.

This is just a flavour of what we are currently involved with. We work with a range of associates and partners to deliver solution focussed consultancy.